Maintaining Motivation in Eating Disorder Recovery

Forgetting the pain and discomfort of addiction can also test your sobriety. Bad choices — Treatment is only the beginning of recovery. Overcoming addiction requires making difficult choices along the way. Choosing to stay in toxic relationships or moving away from your sober support systems can test your motivation and recovery. Maintaining equilibrium, support, and manageability in your life must be your focus. Insufficient coping skills — Achieving sobriety is a big step, but only represents part of the journey to recovery.

Staying motivated in recovery isn’t always easy, but it certainly is worth it. You can find motivation from anywhere if you are looking and working for it. By indulging in these different techniques, you are setting yourself up for long-term success. Motivation is one of, if not the most, crucial aspects of recovery. Motivation defines the reasons behind why we act the way we do or why we behave in a specific way.

Staying Socially Engaged When You Really Don’t Feel Like It

You can’t be your own independent, fully recovered person if you always connect yourself in some way to your eating disorder. And if you’re feeling hurt or stressed about something else in your life, let someone supportive know. Talk to someone who will listen, validate your feelings, and try to help in whatever way they can. If your eating disorder looks appealing to you, pull out a piece of paper right now. It helps to start fresh, to look at your eating disorder from every angle again.

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If you are seeking recovery because you personally want to obtain a better life and push through any mental health issues that have been holding you down, then you are intrinsically motivated. Once you find internal motivation, then the objective is learning how to hold on to this motivation even as the road gets rocky and your hope wavers. recovery motivation When you make your own decision to seek recovery, you may find that your life post-recovery starts to look a lot different. Many people who are recovering from a substance abuse disorder have to cut off old social ties, sometimes even family, move locations, find new favorite hobbies, and build an entirely new life for themselves.

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You can write a pros and cons list for continuing this relationship. If the person causes more harm than good in your life, it is not selfish to stop being around them. Create Structure in Your Life – Sometimes being in recovery can make life feel like chaos. When you create a structured schedule of healthy and uplifting activities, you can create a sense of order within your life. When we look at that through an eating recovery lens, you may recognize that point in your own life- the moment of desperate realization that you don’t want to stay in the pain of your disorder.

All around you, you may be getting feedback from friends, family, doctors, and peers telling you why you have to recover, but this journey is yours to make and ultimately rests on you. It begins with you building your internal motivation to want to recover for no one else besides yourself. Statistics show about a 40-60% relapse rate in addiction recovery.

Tips for Staying Motivated in Recovery

Avoid spending time with people who are still actively involved in their addiction and those who speak negatively. Call today to get started on your journey or if you have any questions. This may sound cliche, but it’s a cliche because it works. If you think that you have to motivate yourself to keep going forever, it will feel exhausting. However, if you only think that you have to make it through the day or even through the hour, that typically feels more manageable.

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